Who are we

Our Delightful Floral Bakery is made up of two Bakers, Natalie & Antonia... So i hope you've grabbed a cup of tea & a slice of Cake, popped your feet up and made time to have a little read about who we are & what makes our bakery totally unique. 



"As the leader of the  small gang of cake- obsessed individuals and forever living in hope that the Future is Female. With over 10 years of experience in the cake industry from winning Cupcake Awards at the NEC to creating wedding cakes, custom cakes, delivering food demonstrations & hosting cake decorating parties. A passion for all things "cake" possibly doesn't cover the need to deliver the best experience and service you've ever had, so no weird additives or preservatives, just incredibly delicious, utterly delectable creative treats, is what makes me and the team at S&L happy cake makers on an hourly basis. So don't forget to pop by and say Hi.. Im the one covered in Icing sugar... 😊" 



"Is part of a really small gang of cake-obsessed individuals who simply enjoy making the best darn cakes arounds. If perfectionist was redefined in the dictionary this name would appear. Undoubtedly committed to the cause of S&L, Antonia has an eye for details and an undisclosed passion for Weddings, as our main Wedding Cake Designer, Antonia can completely engulf herself in ensuring your wedding cake is the most stunning aspect of your special day. No short cuts, or missed details. We willingly can't wait to put yours in the hands of our Wedding Cake Specialist.... and now and always, a hopeless romantic. So don't hesitate to pop by she's the one in the wedding dress 😉